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frankenfran: (True but thats because hes a fetus.) (Default)
  • True but thats because hes a fetus.
frankenfran: (But what we lack in money)
  • But what we lack in money
Comment: we make up for in dry humor and drugs
frankenfran: (Important life lesson)
  • Important life lesson
Comment: flammable and inflammable mean the same thing
frankenfran: (I'm not so good at organized events)
  • I'm not so good at organized events
Comment: that don't revolve around whiskey or playgrounds.
frankenfran: (Sundays were made for)
  • Sundays were made for
Comment: eating Ramen pantless in bed.
frankenfran: (thanks for letting me perform)
  • thanks for letting me perform
Comment: minor surgery on myself last night.
frankenfran: (He just had surgery and looked so cute)
  • He just had surgery and looked so cute
Comment: on his crutches. like a little baby bird with a broken wing. that i wanted to nurse back to health. with my vagina
frankenfran: (I'm making presurgery martini's.)
  • I'm making presurgery martini's.
Comment: you need to be here
frankenfran: (Pls don't mistake med student status)
  • Pls don't mistake med student status
Comment: for responsibility. I'm drinking tequila while studying vascular surgery techniques.
frankenfran: (Either she got face surgery at midnight)
  • Either she got face surgery at midnight
Comment: or i need to stop drinking
frankenfran: (seconds away from chugging vodka)
  • seconds away from chugging vodka
Comment: and preforming the surgery on myself.
frankenfran: (Better safe and shitfaced)
  • Better safe and shitfaced
Comment: than hungover and in need of another surgery.
frankenfran: (i like being sick.)
  • i like being sick.
Comment: whatever the doctor gave me is awesone. the walls are waving at me. i never want to get better.
frankenfran: (It's probably bc the lack of alcohol)
  • It's probably bc the lack of alcohol
Comment: in your stomach. Alcohol kills bacteria. I am a doctor. Trust me
frankenfran: (doctor said mango vodka)
  • doctor said mango vodka
Comment: does not count as my daily servings of fruit. damn.